sure signs we’re still in a recession

11 May

turn left for lost highway

Really? Where is the funding?

Also….do you mean FOUND HIGHWAY, sir?

Photo credit: My sister sent me this little piece of magic.

unecessary, but worth a picture

9 May

Dear artist of the mercury-esque sculpture thingy in Chicago’s Millennium Park,

Your “Cloud Gate” looks like a 110 ton bean.  Not sure if you knew.

That is all.



9 May

For those of you who have heard me talking about upstarting this gem for year or so, I apologize for the ABSURD delay. For those who knew nothing of this, hey there, I just now thought of this awesome idea and voila….blog.

My intentions are, most importantly, to aid in your daily procrastination and…hmmm…I guess that’s really my only intention.

My only requirements are that you be highly judgmental and comment freely (and often).