absurdly adorable

9 Jul

Baby Elephant at the San Diego Wild Animal Park

Meet Chuck*. He is a baby elephant. He was born this spring at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. He weighed something like 268 pounds at birth and has been gaining a pound a day since.

Big log, little legs

Chuck’s still learning how to do stuff. This log, for instance, was a bit of an obstacle.

I'm stuck guys....no, seriously

It was touch and go there for a bit. Trial and error. Eventually, however, he managed to get over the log. Phew.

Poor ol Chuckster

Little dude just can’t catch a break, though. His friends were bullies and, I’m sure, taunting him about the log situation. Chuck was clearly embarrassed. I think he considered retaliation, but instead….


Nap. Done.


This lemur cleaning his tail.

*this is not his real name, but since I’m not sure he has one because he was just born, I’m sure the keepers at the park would find it fitting.

One Response to “absurdly adorable”

  1. kellyanncarroll August 20, 2010 at 9:37 am #

    Professor Biz! We miss your musings!!

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